The Celtic Brotherhood is a Biker Brotherhood comprised of dedicated men who live by a Bikers Code.  We are extremely proud of our Celtic heritage and strive to make this a better world through our words, actions and deeds.

The Celtic Brotherhood (TCB) was formally founded in 1980 by a lifelong biker Beau Rooney who along with several of his motorcycle enthusiast friends decided to make their informal group into an actual club complete with charter, bylaws and mandates.  In 2002 TCB underwent several major constitutional changes creating a 2nd generation that emphasized more focus the “Brotherhood” aspects and greater involvement in our community by actively supporting certain charities and volunteering to assist other clubs who were involved in community work.


Members of TCB share mutual interests such as the preservation of both the Celtic culture and traditions they grew up with and the codes of conduct and values that accompanied those traditions.


The actual history of the brotherhood is not shrouded in mystery but didn’t happen overnight either.  To understand the evolutionary process of the brotherhood you must first understand it has always been a work in progress with many bikers having shared the road with Beau over the years and that helped shape and form what in 1980 become called The Celtic Brotherhood and over the decades the club has evolved into a group of men preserving the core values of the Bikers Code by assisting others in a positive way along the Highway of Life and with the determination that our Legacy is to leave a place better than it was before we arrived.


This is the basic tenant which is represented by the Shamrock in our colors representing Head – Heart – Soul.


The Celtic Brotherhood is made up of some of the finest people in the world you could ever meet and please remember that “Brotherhood” is something you must develop and maintain your whole life, Brotherhood is not something you purchase online like a patch or to simply use as a word to end a conversation.

 We urge you to support Old School Biker values and live your life so that when death comes it only can take your body.


Support your local bike community and participate as often as you can by participating in rides and events because one of the Brotherhood’s mottos is “We Make Our Motorcycle Community Stronger By Making It Better”